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A hub that supports your connection to Mental Health Professionals via telehealth in community.

guiding connection to mental health clinicians 

At MINDHEALTHHUB we believe Telehealth connection to professional mental health clinicians is the new normal. 

We support your connection.



CONNECTing with mental health professionals and knowing what SUPPORTS are available to you can be confusing, so let's not overcomplicate things.

We provide a dedicated space (the GreenRoom @ Romsey Neighbourhood House) where we support and guide your connection to a mental health professional.  We don't chose your clinician.  You do.  Your relationship with your clinician is private.  We just make it happen by providing a space for you do the work.


You are eligible for this service if you are 12 years or over.  Our clinicians bulk bill for those with a Mental Health Care Plan under the Medicare Better Access initiative scheme.  




We feel that caring for one's mental health and wellbeing is an individual journey however timely support is critical.  We collaborate with local community services who care about your wellbeing to reduce the wait and enable the connection.


Our Romsey Mind Health Hub is located at:


96 - 100 Main Road

Romsey 3434

Wednesday I 9AM - 5PM


P: 0413 448 748

Further locations are set to open in the near future!