Therapy Session

Supported, guided connection to mental health clincians 


MHH acknowledges the barriers faced by community in accessing timely mental health services. Pre COVID-19, sadly six months was a "normal" amount of time to wait for an in person psychologist appointment in regional areas due to the difficulty in getting allied health professionals and supports for our communities. 

Telehealth connection with clinicians is a way for us to connect with clinicians virtually - so we can do the work and take care of our mental health.  Don't get us wrong, we value in person sessions, that's why we've placed our hub's in community spaces - to provide the human connection and provide connection to a mental health clinician.

We've created a way for you to connect to a clinician - locally.

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To address early intervention barriers to timely mental health services by guiding connection  connection to mental health proffessionals for individuals in regional communities.




Abbey is a passionate and driven individual who during a working contract in regional Victoria experienced first hand the roadblocks in timely mental health service support for those living in rural regions.

Working in the mental health sector in various roles for 15 years, in Melbourne and rural regions, introduction (by chance) to the world of telehealth demonstrated regional communities no longer had to rely on the much demanded professional allied health services providing face to face services with extensive wait lists - in particular psychology.

The light bulb realisation for Abbey was that regional barriers are different to that of urban barriers when addressing mental health.  Internet connection is not a given, and vulnerable community members are at greater risk of isolation.


Connecting regional members of community to allied health service professionals in dynamic community spaces just made sense.

In her spare time and just for fun, Abbey is a dirt girl who enjoys the outdoors, spending a night under the stars, enjoying the company of family and friends.